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Cacdemode Co, preferred as Cacdemode Swim is a full fashion house and premium retail company was founded in the heart of Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam in 2014 by designer Cac Lam.
Designed for confident women that live by their own rules. Cacdemode swim is more than just swimwear, it is a playful and sexy attitude driven transformative experience. We bring the creative fantasy to life with intricate designs and sleek cutouts that work together to delicately frame and powerfully enhance the beauty of the feminine body.

Cac Lam is a young fashion designer, who graduated from the Art Institute of Dallas in Texas. With a passion to travel around the world and explore, the fascinating experiences from the farway land has really inspired Ms. Cac to come up with her collections, through Cacdemode brand.
All the journeys to the land of inspiration and creativity such as West Europe, North America, Nepal, Morocco, Turkey and Cuba has brought her collections into life with designs that are bold yet very practical - a perfect combination of nature, human and art.


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