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The Land



The movie "Out Of Africa" engraved a deep and warm memory for me and Africa was the inspiration of my newest collection.
Africa - the most authentic continent on earth is considered to be the cradle of human civilization. The breathtaking nature is so attractive, inspiring and overwhelming to anyone who is open to this will fall in love at first sight. I love to share my travel experience with you as for me it is my main source of inspiration for my designs that all have a connection to nature in its purest form.


Cacdemode latest collection shown by the new Miss Universe Kenya Miss Stacey Michuki in the very heart of Africa reflects my inspiration in all that Africa’s nature combines, colorful, dynamic and elegant. She is a shining diamond and an example for many women around this world.The Massai tribe is unique, colorful, dynamic and in perfect harmony with its environment. That balance is also found in my latest collection and you will experience this by wearing and enjoying this feeling yourself.The memories, the nostalgia for a beautiful Africa will last forever as it will be engraved for you as well. your surrounding spectators will love and admire you for choosing my collection that will reflect and enhance your personality.

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